Planting, growing and Eating at Mulbiue

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ECO Schools



Congratulations to all the boys and girls who this afternoon have achieved the 2nd Green Flag for Mulbuie. 


We are an ECO School.


(Green Flag Achieved May 2015)

Eco-Schools is an international programme designed to encourage whole-school action on sustainable development education issues.  It is an environmental management tool, a learning resource and a recognised award scheme.  It empowers young people to take action towards an economically, socially and environmentally just world.

The programme provides a framework for learning and action which affords a wealth of opportunities for linking sustainable development education with the everyday curricular work undertaken by schools - as well as enabling and encouraging closer links between schools and the communities around them.


Our planting begins...


Today we planted our potato crop - Bonnie (second early) Epicure (first) Lady balfour (maincrop) Pentland Del (maincrop) 


Thank you for all your plant and seed contributions.  We recieved some sunflower seeds, strawberry plants and potatoes. :-)


Learning about composting in P1/2/3...



We will be show-casing our 'home grown' vegetables at our October Open Afternoon! Come and have a taste! Mmmm!


At Mulbuie Primary...

ECO development is led by a committee comprising of pupils from Nursery to P7 who take responsibility for planning and delegating tasks and areas to improve our school environment and our sustainability.

ECO News Update 

autumn harvest on our apple tree.

Autumn harvest on our fruit tree.


Renewed ECO Code

Mulbuie is Green, Mulbuie is Keen

Up flyinghigh our Eco flag can be seen

Litter is a bug that we work hard to cure

Be green, be better

Unite with the planet once and for all

In the garden we plant and grow

ECO is the way to go!


We are always looking for help in our ECO work, and are keen to involve members of the community in this development.


If you can help in any way, please contact us.



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