16 September 2020
Nursery Renovations at Mulbuie

Renovations at Mulbuie – The Erection of the New Nursery Building

I have been advised that the work will begin at Mulbuie during the October break and will be finished by approximately February.

Initially the work will take place in the left side of the playground, leaving the right side with the football pitch for the children to play.

This will then swap over, and children will have access to the left side and the right hand side will become the “live site”.


This means that access arrangements to the school will be different after the October break. 


Arriving at the start of the day

The bus will drop children at the BACK GATE.  They will then wait in the playground with their friends until the bell rings.

If your child comes to school by bike, car or on foot, then they should come in through the back gate. 

Please note that there is no supervision before 9am.  Unfortunately, parents are not allowed to enter the school playground.  If you feel your child needs to be supervised, then please keep them with you outside school grounds until the bell rings.

Children who cycle to school can leave their bikes round by the sheds outside Mrs Waters office.  This area is out of bounds during the school day.


Dismissal at the end of the day

Pupils who travel by bus will be escorted to the bus at 2.55pm, before the rest of the school is dismissed.  The bus pickup point will be the same as is now.

The rest of the children will be dismissed at 3pm by teachers through the front door.

As always, we will work to ensure there is no traffic movement in the car park between 3pm and 3.05pm.


There will EITHER be two playtimes, or the back field will be split into two.  This decision will be made in consultation with the Pupil Leadership team.


Nursery will continue to use the front right door as currently doing.

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