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23 November 2020Staffing update


We warmly welcome Mrs. Barclay who will cover for Mrs. Bilsland in the P1-4 class (Mon – Wed)

Miss Reid returns from her maternity leave on Friday 4th December and will teach the P1-4 class on Thursdays and Fridays.

Miss Reid plans to use her accrued annual leave so that she can initially return to teaching two days a week, she will return to three days a week in March.

Mrs. Kennedy will teach the P5-7 class on a Monday, until Miss Reid returns to the class.

17 November 2020Speed Limit at Mulbuie

I am delighted to report that after some years of persistance, the speed limit outside Mulbuie Primary is now 40mph.  

This will certainly go some way to making the road at the front of the school safer.  Thanks to all who supported with this and made this happen.


Please keep to the safer speed of 20 mph at times when there are children out and about.

17 November 2020Parents Meetings

Following the message below, I can confirm that Parents' Meetings at Mulbuie and Ferintosh will take place this term via a phone call with the class teacher.

Please keep an eye out for the email containing a Google Form to book a phone slot.

17 November 2020Parental Engagement

Message from the Local Authority

Parental engagement/evening update:

As an Authority we are working with our schools to ensure they feel supported in a time of great uncertainty. The Health and Wellbeing of our staff is paramount right now. Parental engagement is key. However, many factors need to be taken into account this year where face to face consultation is not possible.

Following consultation with union representatives, it has been agreed that Highland Council will proceed with a small number of schools to take part of a virtual parent engagement/evening trial. This is to make sure that a preferred system/platform works well and that there are no issues from either school or parent perspective. A mixture of primary and secondary schools in Mid, South and West areas have agreed to take part in this trial throughout November.

Once this trial has been completed further engagement with Head Teachers, parents and Unions will take place, with a decision made in how to move forward with virtual parental engagement. The timing of this pilot may mean that  this type of school engagement may not take place until  term 3.

Schools will have different approaches to parental engagement and these will vary between schools. This decision lies with the individual school and is supported by Local Authority.

16 November 2020Mulbuie Christmas Decorations

A very lovely parent at Mulbuie has made some beautiful tartan decorations as a fund raiser for the school.  

Hearts are £3 each and trees are £2.50.  

Please place orders through the school office.  There are a limited number so they will be sold on a first come first served basis.

All orders will be quarantined before dispatch so do not worry if you do not get your decorations immediately.


16 November 2020Scottish Child Payment

Applications are now open for a new benefit - The Scottish Child Payment - a payment for families on certain benefits or tax credits.

Eligible families will get £40 every four weeks for each child under six.

Find out more at mygov.scot/benefits or call 0800 182 2222.

11 November 2020Head Teacher Appointment

Following interviews yesterday, Mrs Bilsland will be acting up as Head Teacher at Mulbuie and Ferintosh until a permanent Head Teacher is appointed.  This position will be advertised hopefully by the end of this month.

Mrs Bilsland’s start date will be the 23rd November.


11 November 2020After School Activities

Highlife Highland are running Multi Sports sessions for children within the Ferintosh Community Council Area, which includes children at both Mulbuie and Ferintosh Primaries.

Sessions are FREE and can be booked at:

Primary 1-3 Tuesday 4-4.45pm Culbokie Football Club Cage at the park


Primary 4-7 Tuesday 5-6pm Culbokie Football Club Cage at the park


27 October 2020October Dress Up Day

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On Friday 30th October, we are having a halloween day. We would please ask all children participating to bring their facemasks (safety for non-cook baking!). If you have them, please bring safe children's pumpkin carving implements. If they desire children may come to school wearing a costume. However, please don’t wear any scary or gory costumes, as the nursery and some little ones may be frightened. Face paint is allowed. 


Sincerely, the Pupil Leadership Team at Mulbuie

09 October 2020Head Teacher's News

I am both happy and sad to say that I have been appointed Head Teacher at Cauldeen Primary in Inverness and so will be leaving Mulbuie and Ferintosh after 9 years as Head Teacher here.  My leaving date is not yet agreed.  Arrangements for appointing my replacement will be shared with you next term.



09 October 2020Works at Mulbuie


Works at Mulbuie

The renovation of the nursery and canteen at Mulbuie will start during the holidays.  Please remember the new arrangements for accessing the playground at the start of next term.

07 October 2020Dress Up Day

Friday 30th October will be a Dress Up Day with fun and games and spooky activities.  We will be having both a Lantern Competition and a Spooky Spider Competition.  Bring along your carved lanterns and creative spiders.

05 October 2020Hello Yellow Day

The Pupil Leadership Team at Mulbuie are organizing a day in support of Hello Yellow, a charity for children's mental health.  

This will include wearing bright colours as well as various fun activities.  

We are asking all children to please wear yellow or a bright colour and to donate £1 that we will pass on to Hello Yellow.


The Pupil Leadership Team

01 October 2020Safety at Mulbuie

Please do not use the car park gate as a turning space for cars.  Children are small and cannot always been seen over the back of a car.


29 September 2020Devices for Online Homework

All pupils in Primary 6 and Primary 7 are allocated an individual 1 to 1 device (Chromebook).  

We are now preparing for homework for next session which will be set online.  Any family who does not have access to a suitable device for using with a child in P1 to P5 should please let us know so that we can make sure that the other devices we have are allocated accordingly.

If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you have a device at home that your child can use.

Any problems, just let us know.

28 September 2020Logging in to the Padlet for Homework


Next term, we will be setting homework via the learning wall that we used during Lockdown.

To do this, it would be good if we could make sure that everyone can log in.


The PADLET logins

To access:

Copy the link and paste into the google browser.


The password is welcome


If you have not already done so during Lockdown, Sign up/ log in to the padlet using

“Child’s first name”.”child’s surname”@dingwallacademy.org.uk

Hopefully children will remember their password.  If not, do not worry.  Try Password1 first as we have had to reset a few today.  If this does not work, let us know and we can reset again.


For P1s, your password is Password1.


You can then bookmark the padlet on your device.

Please make a comment on the padlet when you are in so we can see that all is working well for you.


If you have any problems at all, we can help.  Hopefully we will get it all working so that we can use it for homework next term.


SUMDOG logins

Please also make sure that you can log into Sumdog.  Logins remain the same.  If you are unsure, let us know and we will email you directly.

Primary Ones and new pupils will receive logins for Sumdog by email.

28 September 2020Flu Vaccines

Flu vaccines will be given at Ferintosh tomorrow, 29th September.

25 September 2020Ferintosh Parent Council

A new facebook group has been created to give parents and carers the opportunity to be in touch with one another.  A search for Ferintosh Primary Parent Council should find it.

22 September 2020Homework

Homework will resume for pupils from next term.  The plan is that work will be set using Sumdog, the Google Classroom and/or the Padlet.

Any family who has concerns around availability of devices or internet capacity at home should please let the school office know.

Thanks so much to the Parent Council at Mulbuie who have funded the subscription to Sumdog for the year.  Through this, we can provide homework in maths, spelling and grammar.


22 September 202020 mph Lights

The Local Authority are in the process of fixing all 20mph lights in the area.  Mulbuie lights were fixed yesterday and hopefully the lights at Ferintosh will follow soon.

Note from the JRSOs at Mulbuie

Thank you to the Parent Council at Mulbuie for helping us to get our lights fixed.  We are very thankful and will use them well.

From Brodie and Lily


17 September 2020Ferintosh Parent Council

A meeting will be held on Tuesday 22nd September at 4pm via Google Meet.   At this meeting, we will look at the purpose of a parent council and how to go about starting one.  Ros Bell, the Policy Officer for the local authority, will also attend as she may have some answers should there be questions.

Any parent who wishes to join in should please let us know through the school office so the code can be shared.

16 September 2020Nursery Renovations at Mulbuie

Renovations at Mulbuie – The Erection of the New Nursery Building

I have been advised that the work will begin at Mulbuie during the October break and will be finished by approximately February.

Initially the work will take place in the left side of the playground, leaving the right side with the football pitch for the children to play.

This will then swap over, and children will have access to the left side and the right hand side will become the “live site”.


This means that access arrangements to the school will be different after the October break. 


Arriving at the start of the day

The bus will drop children at the BACK GATE.  They will then wait in the playground with their friends until the bell rings.

If your child comes to school by bike, car or on foot, then they should come in through the back gate. 

Please note that there is no supervision before 9am.  Unfortunately, parents are not allowed to enter the school playground.  If you feel your child needs to be supervised, then please keep them with you outside school grounds until the bell rings.

Children who cycle to school can leave their bikes round by the sheds outside Mrs Waters office.  This area is out of bounds during the school day.


Dismissal at the end of the day

Pupils who travel by bus will be escorted to the bus at 2.55pm, before the rest of the school is dismissed.  The bus pickup point will be the same as is now.

The rest of the children will be dismissed at 3pm by teachers through the front door.

As always, we will work to ensure there is no traffic movement in the car park between 3pm and 3.05pm.


There will EITHER be two playtimes, or the back field will be split into two.  This decision will be made in consultation with the Pupil Leadership team.


Nursery will continue to use the front right door as currently doing.

11 September 2020Our Curriculum and Learning

As we move on post lockdown and through Phase 3 of the Scottish Government Roadmap to Recovery, school and schooling is looking quite different to what it was like before and all indications are that this will continue to be so for some time to come.

Schools are not following the normal curriculum -  under instruction from the Scottish Government, our main focus is in Health and Wellbeing, Literacy and Numeracy.   

In terms of Wellbeing, children are given opportunity to play together and are learning again to share space and resource.  Activities around mindfulness and relaxation are built into the day.   Opportunity to process and manage these unusual times are also planned as part of the day.

Alongside this, we are assessing all children to ascertain the impact of Lockdown on learning and the starting point as we move forward.

How we assess:

Teachers are continually assessing informally to monitor and check understanding.  Specific planned assessment activities are implemented alongside continuous assessment through questioning and observation during teaching and learning to constantly assess where the learners are and what they need to do next.

In addition, this term we are conducting a series of more formal assessments to ascertain exactly where each child is in learning.   These assessments are varied in form and based around literacy and numeracy skills.

What we are looking at in measuring success:

  • The degree of independence a child demonstrates
  • The level of support needed
  • The degree of complexity of the task
  • The extent to which learning is applied in new and unfamiliar contexts
  • A child’s ability to contribute appropriately
  • The child’s ability to question appropriately
  • The level of engagement in thinking
  • Mastery of a skill
  • Depth of knowledge a child demonstrates

How are the pupils involved?

Pupils know what they are learning through the sharing of learning intentions and success criteria, and are regularly encouraged to assess how they are getting on, feeding into their successes and next steps in learning both orally and in writing in the second level.

We are having learning discussions with pupils.  They are using their assessments to track their own learning and understanding earning against learning targets with support from the teacher, identifying where they are now and what the next steps are.

Pupils are sharing with the teacher how they see themselves as learners and what they need to be able to learn the best they can.

What we will do with this information?

The information will be shared with parents towards the end of term once it has been prepared.  This will be in the form of a folio.  This we see as a great opportunity for parents to see exactly where their child is in their learning and to support them in their next steps.

Teachers will then use the information to plan next learning, to form groupings and to target support and challenge. 

There will be no individual Parents’ Evenings this term, although we do hope that we will be able to arrange these virtually next term.

Unfortunately, we cannot hold any open afternoons.  We ask that parents please keep an eye on the class blogs which are updated regularly and show some of the things that children are doing in school.  These are accessible through the schools’ website, which is being used as the primary platform for communication at this time.


11 September 2020Pupil Photographs

Unfortunately we are not able to offer our usual service of having a photographer come to school to take photos of the children.  Only visitors essential to the business ongoing in the school are permitted, and this unfortunately does not fit into that category.

11 September 2020School Lunches

From Wednesday 16th September, a hot meal will be available for pupils having school lunches.  They can choose a sandwich Grab Bag or a hot meal.

The menu is here.

09 September 2020Personal Safety for Pupils

I have been made aware of a video that is currently accessible on Tik Tok which is certainly not for children to see.

The advice is that children stay off Tik Tok for a couple of days until it has been removed.

I have also been made aware of an incident yesterday at a nearby school.  Please talk with your children, particularly the older ones, about the danger to the body of misusing drugs, including ones that may be in the cupboard at home.

08 September 2020Reading Book Amnesty

Please if you have any school books, particularly reading books, at home can these please be returned to school.

It costs £210 for a set of books for one pupil for a year's work in reading, and we are about three short at every level.

Please don't worry about covid transmission - we will quarantine any returned books for the necessary period.

Thanks for your help.

07 September 2020Ferintosh Parent Council

There have been three indications of interest in setting up a Parent Council at Ferintosh.

The next step is a Google Meeting to work out a starting point and agree purpose and role of the Parent Council in supporting the work of the school.

Parents and carers who are interested in joining this meeting should please email their availability so that a time can be organised that suits most people.

07 September 2020INSET day closures

The schools will be closed to pupils next Monday and Tuesday, 14th and 15th September, for INSET training for staff.

Teachers will be looking at the Folios that we are creating to share learning with parents this term, and also at the School Improvement Plan as we move forward.

04 September 2020Mulbuie Junior Road Safety Officers

Mulbuie has two JRSOs:  Lily (carrying on from last year) and Brodie (newly elected).

They are running a bookmark competition.


Entries should please be submitted by Monday 7th September.

04 September 2020Ferintosh Pupil Leadership Team


The Pupil Leadership Team recently completed a survey on Ferintosh school.

This showed the following:

The pupils find the school friendly and teachers know the children well

The chlidren are proud of the school and they learn well.  There is opportunity to try new things and to develop things they are already good at.

The Leadership Team are keen to have opportunity to show skills and interests that are not normally part of the school curriculum.  They have decided to create a video showcasing these skills, which may range from dancing to bike riding.

They will work on this over the coming weeks.

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