A three-teacher school.

Mulbuie Primary School is a three-teacher school situated near the village of Mulbuie in Ross-shire, Scotland. The school also hosts a nursery class for three and four year olds. Mulbuie School was first opened in the late nineteenth century and is proud to have educated local children for over 125 years.

boy in black hoodie sitting on chair
an empty classroom with wooden desks and windows


Ferintosh Primary School provides its pupils with an interesting and stimulating environment which is supported by an ethos of encouraging achievement and celebrating success. The school provides a welcoming environment for both staff and pupils where we promote a sense of identity and pride in the school, showing equality and fairness.


The school is viewed as being a truly community school and we endeavour to promote a firm two-way relationship between parents, the local community and also extending to the wider area of Ross and Cromarty.

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